Eos Lip Balm Review Summer Fruits & Pomegranate Raspberry

Sunday, 17 November 2013

After Receiving the EOS Lip Balms in a great giveaway hosted by the lovely Sophie who writes over at La Vie Sophie i just had to share my thoughts with you.

I was holding out and waiting until the day i travelled state side to be able to try one of these bad boys but luck was on my side and the ones i received were in the flavours summer fruits & pomegranate raspberry.

Smooth on an all-natural lip balm that delivers the perfect balance of flavor and moisture

Now I'm sure you all know the Eos Lip Balms are housed in egg shaped bright coloured cases,
but apart from the unusual packaging it's whats inside that defiantly counts.

                                                                                   First of all....

I wasn't totally impressed to me it was just a ball of balm that wasn't overly scented something i was convinced would make a greasy mess on my lips but never judge a book by its cover comes to mind......

So although its not overly scented or as soft in texture as I'd expected, this is probably the best lip balm I've ever tried considering the fact i have oily skin and as I've said once before i don't particularly like greasy, overly moisturising lip products as they just feel uncomfortable on a face full of oil already they just get pushed to one side, but a last this is something that the EOS Lip Balms are not and this is what make them an essential in my make up bag!

I found the longitivity of the product to be between 3-4 hours i honestly feel the moisturising benefits last even after eating/drinking.
They have a slight taste to them that lasts too which is not over empowering either.

Even though the ball of balm is quite solid it applies really well and is evenly distributed across the lips, Something i do though as i wasn't a fan of it being so hard i put it in my coat pocket hanging over the radiator, by doing this it seems to loosen & melt the product slightly making it that tiny bit better to work with. (don't keep it there for too long as I'm sure it'll completely melt if you were to try.)

Overall it's not greasy or heavy on the lips, lasts a good amount of time, smells good, contians shea butter and is 100% organic + it's a good conversation starter once you've pulled an egg shaped thing out your handbag!

What more could you ask for!?

Defiantly worth it! All i wanna know is when will they be available in the UK!

 EOS Lip Balm for £5.99

pssst. be sure to check out sophie and her amazing lifestyle blog!

beccalouise ox



  1. You can get these from selfridges! This are my favourite lip balms!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. i am obsessed with lip balms and yet I still haven't tried these!

    check out my giveaway!

  3. Pretty sure I'm the only person who doesn't have an Eos haha :P


  4. You can get these in the UK. Amazon sells them online.
    I used to really want one of these but the novelty soon wore off haha! They're cute though, so I might get some for my friends this Christmas.



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