Barginous £1 Candle

Monday, 25 March 2013

Browsing around the Poundshop isn't something I tend to do a lot of so when I did, the discovery I made is amazing forget Yankee Candle and there super high prices, it's all about the Skittles candle at £1!

It has 25 hours burning time despite how small it is but I'd say it lasts upto 20 hours as this is actually a repurchase I love them that much! The smell is to die for the best way to describe this is, jelly cubes before the actual jelly amazing right!?  They have many other scents too which i may just have to try!

What's an amazing bargain you've found recently?      

beccalousie oxo  


  1. I noticed my mum had a couple of these stored in her cupboard the other week! She wasn't burning them though so I didn't get to sample the smell :(

    I may have to pick up a couple to try out myself. Eek.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. Haa well I can't lie I have a few stored away too incase I can't get hold of them anymore!
      You defiantly should there so worth the money :) x

  2. I love love love skittles! These sound like such bargains :) definitely gonna make a trip to the pound store xx

    1. I'm a lover of skittles too so at least this way you can enjoy without putting on those extra pounds aha they are great bargains you should defiantly pick some up! :) x


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