Nearly 25 Facts About Me..

Monday, 18 March 2013

  1. I've watched 'YouTuber'y' videos for nearly 4 years now.
  2. One day I will make my own YouTube video (one day ha).
  3. 5p's make me cringe along with 2p's + 1p's.
  4. I'm not a fan of doing things by deadlines I like to take my time but i stick to them anyway so i dont get into trouble.
  5. I never used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes.
  6. For 5 years I straightened and washed my hair everyday for school (surprisingly I don't really like straight hair anymore.) 
  7. I've recently become addicted to Ebay.
  8. I love the app Parking Mania HD on the ipad I wish they would hurry up with the second edition! 
  9. Night Out vs Night In = Night In 
  10. Reading before bed helps me sleep at night.
  11. I'm going to LONDON for the first time in June!! Excited! 
  12. Hot Chocolate is the only hot drink I like (unless I make coffee just to dip rich tea biscuits into :) 
  13. Being indecisive means I'm a nightmare to go shopping with.
  14. Purple is my faveourite colour.
  15. I recently passed my theroy test
  16. I have my driving test booked too (whether I passed that first time we will just have to see 'finger crossed')
  17. I work part-time.
  18. I will visit New York someday or travel around America.
  19. I own many things with the America flag on #obessed.
  20. Confidence isn't something I have a lot of. 
  21. Pretty Little Lairs is the best TV show ever! 
  22. + so many others
  23. When I was younger I thought the birth mark on my arm was stained weetabix. 
  24. Harry Styles and One Direction HELLO! 
  25. Procrastination is my worst enemy. 

beccalouise xox


  1. Cute blog post :)

    Lovely blog too Missy ^^

    1. Aha thanks you've got a great blog btw! :)


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