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Monday, 18 March 2013

After so many times envying people with amazing wavy/curly hair and never being able to succeed, I'd thought I'd share how I achieve the wavy look without the use of heat.

Many years on and still failing miserably not being able to 'French Braid' my hair with the help of YouTube tutorials I can finally do it!


I have quite long hair (it's the longest it's ever been) so I defiantly think it helps a lot to keep the plait together without your hair failing out everywhere, but I'm sure hair of all different lengths could achieve a heatless wavy look with just regular plaits or with a messy loose French Braid.

The tutorial above helped give me a step by step guide to actually get a messy wavy look just from a French braid, not only that though I used a few products to make sure the waves would last for the day.

VO5 Tousled Me Spray is great to keep hair structured if you want to achieve that messy wave look using this helps keep and prolong the wear of the hair style. I also use a tiny amount of moose just for added volume and to finish hairspray will be your best friend!

Do you prefer heat or no heat hairstyles?

beccalouise oxo

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