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Monday, 25 March 2013

First of all let me say where has e-Bay been all my life last month I was a novice now I'm an addict!
It's great how you can make money from things you don't want any more and lose everything you bid on at the last second but moving on from that.
 The real reason I'm here is to tell you how I package items I've sold because upon putting things on-line I had no idea what to use if I actually sold things but with a quick trip to town and asking family friends for advice this is what I use:

I purchased the items above from the Poundshop + Wilkinsons (remember to buy envelopes in all different sizes) they were very inexpensive also packaging from things you buy on-line KEEP THEM they're very handy.
Another idea you could use is buy cheap black bin bags, cello-tape them within an inch of their life which is an even cheaper option too, Or use brown paper pictured above but make sure it's durable and not to thin.

Also I find the eBay app on the Ipad soooo much easier to use than the actually website it's just so confusing, but even if you don't have an Ipad you can get it on a android smartphone which is just as good.

So there you have it just a few ideas I have, last of all pick up a postage leaflet above from the post office so your able to make accurate calculations for packaging! 

Hope this helps (:

beccalousie oxo


  1. I was in the same place when I actually started selling things on eBay:D My mom was kind of a pro in that field so she trained me, but I still had to figure a lot of things by myself. Good idea to make a post on it, I'm sure it's quite helpful for many:)
    Got yourself a new follower <3

    1. I didn't have a clue either but I'm glad you liked the post and thank you for following!! You've got a lovely blog btw too! :) x


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