Yet Another Christmas Jumper

Sunday, 8 December 2013

So with the Christmas season well and truly upon us (where the blumming heck has this year gone!?)
I thought I'd share with you my top 5 Xmas jumper picks just because IT'SSS CHRISTMASSSSSS!!!!!

 I actually have only just bought my very first one crazy i know!

 I feel so excited & i'm deffo in the Christmas spirit this year even though my jumper's not the best one around i love it regardless, but if only I'd of waited a little longer i think one of these would definitely been mine...

 Top 5 Christmas Jumpers
 1. House Of Fraser Mela Loves London - £25
2. New Look Reindeer - £27.99
3. Matalan Pudding - £14
4. River Island - £35
5. River Island - £20

Totally wish i owned both River Island jumpers LOVE them kinda puts my to shame right now,
I feel i should buy them all but somehow i think that maybe slightly ridiculous.... 

I purchased mine from!

Are you feeling all christmassy yet?

beccalouise oxox

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