NYX The Curve Eyeliner Review

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

After hearing NYX Cosmetics have landed in Next Clothing stores in the UK i have to admit i had to go to my local store and purchase some of the amazing things that have been on my wishlist for sooo long...

But unfortunately my next doesn't even stock them which is probably a good thing for my bank balance but as for myself i wanted to cry, just to clarify i didn't but god i wanted to, so of course with that heartbreak aside i did a bit of online shopping instead!

I did only buy one incredible product but I do assure you i will be back for more.
So just looking at this amazing'ness in the box put a smile on my face, now know its been around for a while now but with a full-time job comes money so yano forget the bills I'm buying everything I've wanted for so long on my wishlist (in moderation may i add).

The NYX Curve Eyeliner comes housed in packaging which is ridiculously big for something so small, it is simple but i guess it does add some class about it rather than just receiving it in a plastic bag (still think it's to much though for something that just ends up in the bin)

Moving on swiftly,
The eyeliner itself is shaped in the letter p, it has a sturdy felt-tip applicator a super jet-black colour and it's super easy to use.

One of the reasons for buying this product was purely for the shape as an eyeliner novice i tend to give in quite easily when using just a regular Kohl pencil or liquid liner because they look absolutely stupid with one eye looking perfect while the next's always a disastrous mess.

What I've found with this particular eyeliner is I'm in full control as the shape makes it easy for my thumb and forefinger to grip and glide over the eyelash line rather than me just hoping for the best applying what should be a thin curved line with other pencil applicators.

As for the formula i was slightly worried i wouldn't get on well in case it ran + smudged really easily, what if it crumbed due to the oiliness of my skin too?......

Well it certainly isn't anything of the sort, it applies perfectly with an intense black shade, lasts all day for up to 7 hours + it even stands the heat on a night out making me look less like the joker and more socially except-able.

All in all if your still getting to grips with any type of eyeliner, you don't like too wet or dry formulas and just want something that actually lasts regardless of your skin-type, as-well as wanting a true black eyeliner colour then i think this is one for you.
 Not just because it's one of the best I've ever tried it will change you from eyeliner appling novice to  an expert professional within seconds. (Well sort of. )

As for the £13-14 price tag it is totally it worth especially if it is something you use most days!

I purchased the NYX Curve Eyeliner here from very.co.uk

NYX The Curve Eyeliner 0.4ml for £14.00

What's your holy grail eyeliner/brand?

beccalouise oxox

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  1. An eyeliner that you've got full control over sounds perfect for me since I'm rubbish at applying it and I'll definitely check this one out :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight


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