Spending Ban Update Fail #1

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Let me tell you spending money it's so easy to do, however not such a great thing when saving is the essential part of doing an actual spending ban.

January wasn't such a bad month.... well the first 2 weeks anyway,

The first two weeks were filled with temptation but after only spending a few pounds on repurchases, face wipes to be precise i defiantly had this in the bag...or so i thought (yeah yeah Becca I'm sure you do.)

After that it all went pretty much downhill, 

The Nails Inc Sale,
ModelsOwn Sale,
Latest in Beauty Glamour Box,
My Birthday's just around the corner,

= A bad mixture of a well & truly first attempt fail at a spending ban. 

Onwards and upwards though because if i don't start to save soon they'll be nothing but stuff filling my shoebox sized bedroom.

As for now New York is still just a dream........  

Please tell me I'm not the only one bad at this!?

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