Hydraluron Serum Review

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Seeing the hype surrounding the products from the indeed lab series and especially being intrigued about the particular Hydraluron Serum there was only one thing to do of course try it out for myself.

Reading reviews about the product before buying it, seemed the right thing to do after what i was reading i couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

What it could offer

Over time, this serum increases skin's hydration level and minimizes the need for frequent topical moisturising. This increase in moisture levels has been shown to increase skin elasticity and reduce surface roughness.

The product itself is a clear gel it has a thin formula which doesn't clog pores and is really lightweight. It's not scented either.

The Results

Even though i maybe 18 i still felt my skin needed a helping hand.

The main problem with my skin is it has a dry combination & is super oily at the same time. (trust me,not a good look)

So really to help combat the dryness this seemed like it could do the job.

After using the hydraluron in conjunction with my daily moisturiser for 2 - 3 months i saw an improvement in the elasticity of my skin after this time it did feel a lot more hydrated even smoother to touch.

However even though what i felt after this period of use my skin seemed great with only the tiniest of dry areas when i started using it less frequently, bam the dryness was back. This in a way showed the product actually works.
For this i can't praise it enough, it helped with my skins hydration problems to an extent.
But to me having my skin be dependent on something that if i discontinue to use in short spouts makes my skin go to ruins do i really want this part of my daily skin routine?

Although this product actually works wonders, I guess for me as much as i can say i like it i don't know if i love it enough to go repurchase at £24.00 a pop. 
(FYI i thought the tube was going to be soooo much bigger before opening the box how i was so wrong!)  

I did purchase this whilst on offer but even so I'm torn between whether or not it would be top of my list to rush out for just yet, I'll be sure to update when i finally have a decision.

Watch this space i may have found myself an alternative sort of.

Have you tried any indeed labs products?


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