Limited Edition Nails Inc Floral Queensgate Garden | Nail Polish Review

Monday, 9 June 2014

Seeing the bottle on the shelf it looks amazing and certainly is bang on trend this summer what with the floral flowers, but sadly for me that's where all the greatness ends.

Although it does look lovely on pastel coloured nails also dressed up on one finger as an accent nail, it just doesn't live up to its £12 price tag.

The formula is too runny making it super hard to actually get any pink flowers on the nail as they just congregate at the bottom of the bottle, even if they do apply due to the '3D effect' they don't lay flat on the nail and if you've managed to get them on there in the first place it won't be long before they are smudged to the end of the nail about to fall off, if your wanting extra on the nail otherwise it is certainly a lengthy process letting them dry.

I think the concept of the polish is a good one but with actual use of trying this out especially with the price, it isn't something i would recommend if your not willing to get a little frustrated with the application or if you want pretty nails at a price.

My expectations were defiantly not met and excitement quickly turned to an upside down frown hopefully other beauty brands won't be following suit any time soon if they do I'll be sure to keep clear. 

Queensgate Gardens 10ml | £12

Have you had any beauty product problems recently?

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