Revoloution Pink Lights Highlight Review

Monday, 9 June 2014

 I really don't know how i've survived without any highlight in my life before this product.

The closest i've ever come to 'highlighting' my face has been with an old blush with way to much shimmer not a lot of colour. 
So when placing an order on Makeup Revolution. I couldn't resist after never been able to get my hands on the MUA Undress one.

There's a small variety of different coloured shimmer shades online so choosing was a bit difficult, though i went with Pink Lights in the end.

' baked highlight powder product with an iridescent pink finish '

Packaging is plain simple with a black shiny bottom and clear domed lid that is embossed with gold metallic lettering which hasn't even rubber off yet BONUS!

As for the product it's super fine built up with miniscule particles with nothing to compare it to when I apply to the top of my cheekbones it works amazingly just extenuating my features giving me a gorgeous glow paired with the right shade of blush.

Just like any product you can over do it (trust me i know) even if your applicator doesn't look to have much on it try it out first I'm sure it will. A little goes along way but is build-able if you feel you need more.

Otherwise you'll resemble a disco ball... 

Overall with lasting power being between 4-5 hours (even with oily skin.)
If you love all things make up it's a must to have in your collection this summer to help finish your look off making you perfected for the day ahead.

Revolution Highlight | £3.00 

Do like trying out highlight?

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