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Saturday, 15 February 2014

After trying to update my blog design multiple times before i finally gave in to defeat because i fail when it comes to anything remotely HTML.

So of course something had to be done as i certainly couldn't do anything.

That's where i asked the help of Serena after a Sunday morning tweet and a great recommendation,

Serena who blogs over at PRETTYWILDTHINGS made my blog look amazing if i do say so myself,
its better than what i imagined she took from me some info and she used her bloody good wizard making blog design wand & skills and made me a design that i love.

For that i can't thank her enough, check out her blog
 Even better if your looking for a new look well there's nowhere better to look than here.




  1. Love this! It looks super cute xxx


  2. I asked on twitter the other day whether it was worth getting it professionally designed and now I'm more tempted than ever! Yours looks so colourful and organised.

    Grace x


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