MonuSpa Skincare Professionals Enriched Body Cream Review

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

 Recently I actually won a twitter giveaway from the lovely people over at Monu Skincare Professionals, I couldn't wait to get my hands on & try some things from this new brand.

Having looked a bit further into who they are, what they're all about. 
The products & image they portray seems incredible.

They're not just products you can buy in the likes of your local supermarket the whole Monu Skincare Brand is super desirable and of course a luxury that's worth a try you can  buy online at feelunique or here at the monushop online also if that's not good enough you can even experience them in your local Elite Salon, Spa or Skincare Specialists.

Just some of the qualities they believe in,
All products are made from the finest locally sourced natural ingredients, using no synthetic perfumes or colourings. 
Products are NOT tested on animals,  packaging they use is even 100% recyclable.
I could go on forever, now on to the good stuff...

Body cream's. 
I own lot of too many in fact, so as I get bored easily of smelling like strawberry's day in day out, I'm always on the hunt for something new to add into my daily skincare regime.

This is where the MonuSpa Enriched Body Cream fits perfectly.

First impressions, can I just say that the lime green and white packaging looks so fresh & sleek, keeping it simple works well 10/10.

Onto the goodness,

It contains orange, lemon, geranium and rose essential oils giving a very delicate floral scent with a burst of citrus peaking through.
Giving a fresh after scent which isn't over powering.

The Cocoa butter formula gives dehydrated skin like mine a more softer feeling also an ingredient in there called marine collagen helps over time to keep skin smooth as well as firm I can feel that my skin is less rough after 2 weeks use already. 
Can't say it's helped with the bingo wings just yet though!

Applying onto skin after a hot bath or shower is best as the heat helps open my pores so this can soak right in.
 Now I usually find body moisturisers take way too long to sink in leaving me feel like a sticky mess but an amazing thing with the monuspa body cream it takes around 5 minutes to be absorbed leaving you without that dreaded greasy sticky residue most creams leave behind for the next 24 hours.

Overall this amazing body cream helps with the elasticity of skin helps revive dryness leaving skin feel soft, smooth and well hydrated.

So if your in need of all that then this is one for you wish-list. 

For the £24.00 price tag the only negativity I have towards this product is the tub its housed in, for the retail price along with the fantastic benefits a glass jar or uniquely shaped pot would work wonders for the dressing table.

Would I repurchase?
YES without a doubt but for now I'm making this tub last as long as possible.

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