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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The whole fantasy of TV series has totally ruined my life, one minute I'm a CSI, Jack Bauer wannabe agent clone, next I'm living in New York running from god-knows who, then I'm a flesh eating, wolf loving Kardashian.

Seriously I get so sucked into all these amazing yet unrealistic realities I just can't get enough of.

It certainly helps though, especially when it comes to a break from my life.

Jumping from episode to episode these are a few (too many) 
routes that I use to escape and unwind with at night.

Firstly this wasn't my cup of tea but 3 seasons later it's up there with the rest.

Teen Wolf 
With a name not so appealing but content to say otherwise, do not judge a book by its cover springs to mind. FYI the actors in these are easy on the eye too.

Pretty Little Liars
This is one I love to hate I can't get over all the twist and turns although I'd apprecitate answers immediately, not more questions!

Orphan Black 
Seriously the work that goes into this programme the complexity of putting everything together with brilliant actors, I don't get half of what goes on but nonetheless 5/5.

Hemlock Grove
Crazy, weird, S#!T is all I have to say about this one, however its some good crazy, weird, S#!T.

Jack Bauer is the best, I'm currently on season 6 & watch too many episodes in a row resulting in weird dreams.

One word BEAUT.

Cringe-worthy TV at its best, worse than hoarders on TLC.

The list could seriously go on forreverrrr but I won't keep boring you with my top picks, what are yours?

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