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Sunday, 10 August 2014

I confess... I love Barry M Nail Paints,
After buying my first ever shade in bright purple a few years ago now, i've not look back since.
Dabbling in other brands and formulations although they do fulfill my nail painting needs some just don't last or  they peel, chip, even make my nails weak.

So with Barry M being some of the best i've used these are from the newish Gelly collection.

The gorgeous shades above are the ones I gravitated towards when purchasing so we have from left to right:

Grapefruit is a shade made for toes. With a tan or without your little tootsies will look amazing in this red colour with pink undertones. BONUS it looks opaque in one coat. 

Rose Hip looking at the bottle makes me smile, a strawberry milkshake pink to glorify my nails, oh yes please! Although this looks the part it takes time as well as effort to stop it from looking like a streaky gloopy mess as the shade is so pale every imperfection will be on show.

  Sugar Apple a lovely light bluey pale green shade accompanied by a sweet name.

  Greenberry everyone surely has to own some variety of a mint green in their collection, this is my mine appropriately name.

Guava this was actually a birthday gift from my mum which I love! It's quite a unique green turquoise shade also applies perfectly in one coat too.

 Blue Grape my all time favourite with a cobalt blue colouring, better yet one coat does the trick then your good to go. 

These are the best of the bunch if your looking for an extra high shine glossy finish.
They wear well up to 7 days depending your desired top coat, not forgetting the base coat too always helps.
I've found this formula less prone to peeling as one-two applications is all that's really necessary as for drying wise just like any other brands out there it usually takes between 7-20mins to be completely dry (if not thickly applied.)
Last of all keep in mind that when it comes to paler shades of any kind build up thin layers slowly to avoid a big mess not recommended to use if your in a rush!

What nail brand are you loving right now? 


  1. I love BarryM too, my first shade was a bright turquoise colour!
    Glad I came across your post, I'm in need of some new polishes and I'm loving Rose hip and Blue grape!
    I think Models Own Hypergel polishes last quite well too, and apply pretty opaque with one coat so definitely recommend trying those! (:

    Jodie.xo ||

    1. Ooo sounds like a good pick! I'm glad I could help they look super cute with a glitter top coat too, I need to try those out again I have them but shades that just don't suit me skin tone! Xx


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