Rainy Day Mac's | British Summer Edition

Saturday, 30 August 2014

plastic mac

(L - top - right B)
This is a totally a love or hate trend something I'm still trying to figure out which one for myself.
Having seen some lovely looking plastic rain macs online, in store and in magazines it brought back memories of a never to be seen in again pink shiny coat from next i wore all the time back in my baby care free days. 
So of course I had to try this trend out for myself turns out it's not for me trying them on in Topshop well we'll just leave that there.

With some gorgeous designs these are my top picks that are around right now that I so wish I could pull off.

love it or hate them?


  1. I think they look sooo pretty but I don't think I could pull them off !

    Love your blog. It's so colorful ! :)


    1. me too especially the clear ones but i still can't get enough of them! thanks chick..xx


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