Summer Worthy Handbag Essentials

Saturday, 2 August 2014

This weather we're experiencing is well hot, so as summer is in full swing and hot sweaty commutes, cars, stuffy offices as well as humidity giving us all they've got, adding even more difficulty to our daily routines.
 Handbag essentials defiantly can't stop any of these problems they can make things a little more bearable.

I tend to use minimal make-up in hotter weather mainly because I resemble a melting clown in anything more.
 With claims of up to 16 hours wear this product is lightweight gives a slight light coverage which i've found is just as good as the Rimmel Stay Matte. Also blotting sheets will be your face saver too even if you don't have super oily skin.
Travel sized/Handbag sized check, super soft bristles check.

Lip balm of any kind will do, a glossy look, a hydrated pout including your favourite flavour is always a must.

Mini Hairspray | James Brown
 This one in particular I could live without having had a bad experience. Taming wispy flyaways keeping your do in a somewhat reasonable manner in heat & humidity try it you might just find it useful.*tip in a rush forgot your brows? spray on finger or clean mascara wand run over brows, vo'ile they'll stay in place all day.

Dry Shampoo | Paul Mitchell
Pretty self explanatory really, greasy fringe extra root boosting volume needed? Then this is one for you. 

Now having a full face of make-up literally spraying water all over your face may not be the best move in the middle of work or town.
But i've found using it on wrists my chest and neck it does help.

Using aerosols in public places I know annoys the heck out of me especially when it smells so bad, for my handbag with discreet use I'm all over a refreshing spritz of delicious goodness.
Bobby pins hair grips whatever you call them are always needed when hair in the face gets too much.
Hair bobbles = pineapple heads for the car journeys home.

When that sun shines and you catch a stray hair glistening in the mirror your words are always damn I need some tweezers well if they're part of your handbag essentials you don't need to worry.
Reading Literature
Glossy mags the latest book whatever your preference you need it. You'll never know when your phones gon' dramatically die or when your in a sticky situation that social media or candy crush just isn't helping.

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