Makeup Revoultion Amazing Lipsticks | Reviewed

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Matte formulas are what I'm all about this summer, I adore moisturising matte to semi-matte finishes but spending money on lip products which I don't wear as often as I should just doesn't appeal to me. So high street beauty will always be where I will search High & Low for my next wanted colour.
So with a new brand on the block offering budget friendly formulas I couldn't resist at £1 a pop.

 I'm always looking for the perfect pale dusky pink shades which suit my skin tone amazingly.

After hopping online to find some goodies makeup revolution have I decided that even though there is variety of shades available they were either not my colour or not the finish I desired.

The first shade I picked was a matte finish in NUDE it was one of those it's only a pound I'll try it Kim K looks good in that colour so I will right? Wrong, although it looks slightly strange on the eye giving me the dreaded year 9 concealer lips so wearing on it's own is a big no-no, i've found it really helps intensify other shades helping to keep my lips slightly moisturised prolonging the wear of better colours on top.
 On the lips it looks fine lasting between 2-3 hours providing lips are exfoliated & moisturised before hand otherwise they can feel drying.

This pinky matte shade in DEVINE has got to be my favourite purely as it looks great in 
all weathers for all occasions, last of all on pale skin tones too.
Again with it being the same formulation as before this lasts up to 3 hours as long as you've prepared your smackers before.

I do like the shade MYSTIFY it has more of a sheen glossy finish compared to the others, you can get away just applying straight to your lips too with added moisturising benefits & no drying out in sight.
Lasting power | up to 2 hours as it transfers quickly leaving it to be rubbed off a lot more easily.
Another desirable attribute this shade has is the blue undertones it contains which are perfect for giving you the illusion of even brighter pearly whites!

The only downside to these are the packaging, 2/3 no longer have the easy to use twist up  action as the outer tube that helps do this has completely just unglued coming apart,
making them a little more fiddly to use.

At a bargain price of £1 though, more patience in a morning won't hurt.   

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