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Thursday, 24 April 2014

 After entering a competition run by nuxe paris cosmetics, i sadly didn't win but... I seriously fell in love with all the luxurious products they had to offer so of course i had to have some in my life along side a few other sneaky bits that made way into my basket on

The Nuxe Paris Lip Balm is one of the things i have used, it's blumming amazing is all i've got to say the balm itself is a thick rich texture of moisturising goodness you see more of it here!

Nuxe Paris matte moisturising cream i bought this purely with summer in mind trialling out new skincare is something i really like to do as I'm always trying to combat my oily skin needs.
Certainly have high hopes for this.

Yet another matte product, can you see the theme here. i've been using the Effaclar Duo and the (+) version for a few months now, the effects are... well great at the moment so curiosity caught me and i had to try some other La Roche Posay bits.

Why i bought water in a spray dispenser is beyond me, although there is absolutely no reason behind it i still find it quite useful especially when i maybe a little intoxicated from the night before just to refresh (while slowly suffering in bed), other than that it's not something I'm going to reach for because its just not a super essential in my routine, maybe in summer the Avenue Thermal Water might come handy but who knows.

Last of all i bought the Vichy DermaBlend Corrector Stick, stupidly i thought it was a spot zipping treatment turns out its actually concealer in a pen type applicator which dispenses product and covers up. Itself seems quite unique plus its going to be easy to pinpoint the blemishes on my face to with its pen tip. + the concealer formula is really quite thick but lightweight, makes me want to try it even more now!

Overall i give 10/10 for service and fast delivery from Was better than expected having never used their site before. A big thumbs up from me + more as they were even free samples too the little things make me happy. I will for sure be having a nosy at some more skincare bits when payday comes around but until then i can't wait to indulge myself in a little online window shopping adding things to my never ending wishlist.

What's your fave overseas beauty product?

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