how to get perfect nails for summer

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Having brittle nails that just never grow gets you down so it was about time to change my nail biting habit and make sure they're in pristine condition especially for summer.
Freshly painted nails just make me feel me, i just can't get enough of amazing colours to make an outfit more put together just giving it that extra pop.

Starting out with natural nails removing every single trace of old polish
(don't pick & pike at them)
file, buff plus cut down and shape those pinky's,

*optional something I tend to always do before applying colour is moisturise i use the hand salve by Burt's Bees along with the dedicated lemony fresh cuticle butter which smells amazing.

After all the basic tweaking then comes the nail bed preparation,
*optional push down cuticles with pusher 
then get out your best nail strengthening weaponry because yooooo gon' need it.
I use Avon's nail liquid its something i bought due to the offer it was on whether it works or not i'll let you know about that after a few more goes.


Alongside that apply a bascoat of your choice i chose the Barry M infamous 3 in 1 basecoat topcoat and nail hardener.
  Only using two coats of this on the base never the top it takes to long to dry.

Once everything's dry its all systems go with choosing the right nail polish for the night
not forgetting your fave shiny or matte topcoat.

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