Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur Primer Review

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Garnier have released their new cleansing water making it a dead ringer for the 'bioderm' holy grail which i can't wait to get my hands on.

As for now what we have here is something quite unique the 5 Sec Blur Garnier Primer now i have always in the past skipped out primer in my everyday day routine as i just never seemed to be interested in what they had to offer.

Upon googling as well as a lot of youtubering i came to find i of course needed one in my life not only to improve the appearance of my skin but also to give me a helping hand when it comes to the longevity of my face makeup. 
So when on my many a trip walking around boots i couldn't resist after seeing the product on offer & reviews from its launch from way back when i guess it was a win win really. 


The product itself is great with a creamy pink colour & soft moose texture.

It's lightweight which melts into to the skin in an instant smoothing out pores i can't mention wrinkles as i don't currently have any!

As for the benefits it states it definitely does what it says it can do. 
Once applied the skin certainly appears refreshed with a super smoothed out appearance which i honestly can say gives a visibly blurred shine free face ready to apply my foundation.

This is one of those products that works from the start showing results straight away.
Its housed in easy to use packaging, perfect to travel with also great for everyday to use under foundation on top of moisturiser especially to help reduce pore sizes and all other imperfections blurring them from visibility.

With it's unique texture it certainly is a primer that i can't be without for just £13 too for the amount of product you get its one to try this summer to keep your skin looking tip top!

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  1. I might just try this out because my pores are absolutely horrible and large.
    Thanks for sharing love! Great post!

    Visit Beauty's Blessings


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