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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

If you don't already know i am a bit of a Yankee Candle obsessive well i like to think i am but the first time walking into my friends house, my god she is a crazy candle collector. They're seriously big jar candles in every room as well as cabinets full.
 I've probably just painted a mental mental image of her in your head shes not that insane she has a little family with a serious addiction to candles.
Lets get back on track.....
I was already a fan before getting to know my friend two years ago now. I have to admit i literally like to burn my money on Yankee Candles. (pun intended I'm hilarious i know)

With the new release of the summer samplers i thought I'd test them out before returning to purchase the larger sizes.

  They're four new scents all of which are brightly colour so will make the perfect summer attribute to your home.

Sweet Apple | Red
Lime Green | Margarita Time
Orange Splash | Its Orange of course!
Black Plum Blossom | Purple

The red sweet apple scent just reminds me of that first sour bite of a freshly baked apple pie once you've taken a few more tastes it becomes quite pleasantly enjoyable.
Either that or a really sweet apple cider of which i don't particularly like, it's not best suited to my taste but if your a fan of apple well i think this is the one for you.
Just the lime green of the margarita time makes me smile, there's something about the lime colour this year i just can't get enough of. 
As for the scent i LOVE. 
It's amazing citrus'y summer vibes and the memories of the sun that come popping back it's that good.
With its zesty fruity lime scent this is my fave pick of the bunch.
Not being a particular fan of the floral scent this one has somewhat grown on me.
Black Plum Blossom has floral earthy-undertones but mixed in with that a sweet jam scent overpowers the strong pungent floralness which is certainly great for me as i don't like them much.
The name for Orange Splash is quite self explanatory, this unfortunately is my least favourite it just doesn't seem to smell all that. Ok yes it has a scent but compared with the others there is not much else going on apart from the vineyard barely there orange scent it gets a thumbs down from me but i love the colour it works well with the whole collection, that's about it.
If only it had a little more juiciness.
With each sampler taking up to 15 hours to burn i think it gives me time to choose what I'll purchase full-size come payday. 
For now Yankee Candle have certainly done it again it's definitely a fruit-a-licious collection depending on what your nose's preference your gonna either love it or not get along with a few like myself.
But notheless try out samplers, before you buy i hope you like trying them much as i have.
I'm now going to get starbursts because these candle colours are making me crave them so bad!
Have you a fave scent from yankee candle?

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