Models Own | Speckled Mini Egg Collection + Swatches

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Of course with another season comes new hair & beauty releases.
These new Models Own Polishes certainly don't disappoint although the concept of speckled nail paints has been around for a few years now, nothing like this has really had an affordable high street price tag attached until now!
Although the speckled colours are unique to what i own, the best thing about them has to be the name its so cute naming them after birds.
  I don't own the full collection which looking back I'm completely shooting myself in the foot about i need the magpie green in my life.
I'm not sure why i didn't get them all, it was these three colours that stood out the most.
Yellow | Goose 
Purple | Swan
Duck | Blue
All three polishes are opaque in two coats leaving an amazing finish and creating the easiest prettiest nail art designs with just a stroke of a brush = BONUS.
They even look so good with an ombre/rainbow finish on all nails or just the one.
I thought application would be quite messy having to try get all the black dots even not just having them congregating in one big lump on the end of the nail i was proved wrong by this they're a dream to apply dry withing 2-3 minutes and last a week with a strong topcoat.
They would certainly make a cute gift along with a chocolate egg for Easter for any beauty junkie you know out there.
Whats your fave nail polish or collection from Models Own
Speckled Collection Nail Polish £5 for 10ml.


  1. I've just bought the blue and purple and can't wait to try them out!

    1. i'm sure you'll enjoy them they look amaze! (: xx


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