Avon Quick Freeze Drying Nail Spray Review

Monday, 9 June 2014

Avon is not always my first call for all things beauty but with brochures flying around at work it's hard not to browse.

The Avon Quick Freeze Nail Spray has always caught my eye it obviously seems like the perfect product especially if painting your nails is an necessity for any nail obsessive like myself.

Spray nails dry in a flash. A convenient, fast-drying top coat in a easy to use spray.

 With simple clear packaging it doesn't make this the prettiest of products but i guess it's whats inside that counts for sure.

It's spray pump is easy to use distributing  the liquid over the nails in 2-3 pumps.
There's no mess involved but FYI make sure to direct away from delicate surface and animals, (sometimes they just get in the way!)

Scent wise i actually find it quite pleasant  it definitely works a treat & 60 seconds after application nails are dry to touch but that doesn't mean to say they're completely 100% dry.  

All in all if your a little impatient when it comes to leaving nails to dry, this should be next on your wish list purely because it does genuinely work.

The only downside i've experienced is you can over spray the quick freeze, if you do or have, you find yourself having super greasy finger tips which can be slightly irritating  at first, it does however EVENTUALLY will disappear.

I've purchased another bottle of this stuff as i can't fault it in anyway i love it, its become such an essential for me now in my nail routine. 

Liquid Freeze Spray | £6.00

whats your nail product essential? 

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