Nuxe LipBalm Review

Monday, 9 June 2014

Nuxe has always been a brand i have noticed that is featured in many YouTube videos & blog reviews. I didn't think twice about ever owning something from Nuxe because they surely look too expensive for my beauty collection.

How wrong was i!

I couldn't believe they11 were actually reasonably priced from just looking at them so i placed an order online and awaited the arrival.

The whole of the packaging with the way its presented in a frosted glass jar got me super exited before i even tried the product. It just screams luxury. 

It gets better...

 Being a lover of all things citurs'y in scent, this balm has a sweet orange, grapefruit aura and the thickest most dense texture i've ever tried or experienced. The formulation isn't greasy so won't slip or slide around the lips. To be exact this rich balm is moisturising from the get go, allowing to to feel the benefits instantly.

I use especially to inject much needed moisture back into my lips as an overnight treatment purely because the tiniest bit will last giving my lips a much needed pamper for colour application the next day, not only that though with the product being so thick i've found it lasts until the next morning which is amazing to still have a hydrated pout to face the day with.

I honestly can't praise this balm enough with my low expectations. For the price of £9.50 mixed in with ht fact it works a treat. 

Nuxe lip balm 15g for £9.50

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