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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Boy am i glad to finally get some illamasqua goodness in my life.

I picked up the duo in lover & hussy which has two gorgeous matte pink and orange shades perfect colours for the summer.

The shiny black embossed packaging is rather large not something i was actually expecting. Bulkiness out of the way i can overcome that it's certainly whats inside that counts the large sized mirror is handy too.

With it being not 95% travel friendly it's surely something to have as a luxury for everyday use.

Product wise its unsurprisingly incredible the blush lasts up to 7 hours on my oily skin, giving intense colour throughout the day fading to a lovely flushed look towards the evening. 

They have a super soft texture with absolutely no shimmer which gets a big thumbs up from me. 
Also i've found the product/pan to have a slight powdery plastic'y scent which is nothing off putting though I'd expect it to have completely none.

As the duo contains two shades they look brilliant on there own even mixed together into a coral colouring.

A little goes a long way as the pigmentation is so intense with that in mind the £26 price tag some what justify's it all. (i did say some what.)

What's on your high-end wishlist?

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