Xtras Beauty Bargain Haul

Monday, 9 June 2014

After using Xtras beauty bargain website only once before, resisting the offers they have on there is seriously so hard, obviously i needed yet more makeup in my collection.


These are a few bits i popped in my basket as i wanted to try out some more shades from the Rimmel Apocalips range Luna & Big Bang.(love the formula)

I purely bought the Sally Hansen polish thinking i could use it as a nude pink for a D-I-Y french manicure turns out I'm still on the hunt for one but notheless its still a lovely creamsicle colour for S/S. 

Last of all i've seen W7 dotted around on blog posts recently so i decided to try out some myself with a creamy eyeshadow stick called coffee which reminds me more of a champagne coloured shimmer on the eyes.

As for the W7 mascara having not tried it  yet I'm intrigued to see what it can do. 

 Some gorgeous colours swatched for the summer ahead.

Considering the price i paid everything added to a measly £10 or so with delivery which I'm certainly not going to argue with.

What beauty bargain have you picked up recently?


  1. the W7 eyeshadow stick is a lovely colour x


  2. Love the nail polish x

    1. Cute isn't it wasn't a fan at first but it's growing on me! :) x


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